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Events: Listening Room Monthly Film Series,  

2nd Annual Listening Room Film Festival 

LISTENING ROOM FILM FESTIVAL*                     
Friday, Dec. 8    3pm to midnight        Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room    
3:00 -3:30  Doors Open and Opening Remarks
3:45-4:45    Music Videos: Listening Room and Festival Alumna: Part I 
Cottonwood Vines (Jonathan Foster), Put A Down Payment on It (Mz. Pat-The Lady of Soul), Painted Powder Blue (Oceanography), Boogie Children (SmokeHouse Porter and Miss Mamie), I’m In Love (Princess Teha), Pull the Plug (Hero Mangus), I See You (Mark Winters), This Addiction (Kate Vargas), My All (Deewoocy), Hold On (Sharnette Hyter), Blues Man Roll (Raz Wayne Vicks)
Made in Louisiana: Part I
5:00-6:15  Music Dreams-An American Story 
The life and musical career of Henry Turner Jr., the founder of the Listening Room Film Festival. 
Mustang Films                         Running Time: 27:00
Followed by a Q&A with Henry Turner, Jr. and Charles Bush  
6:00     Opening Party 
6:45-8:15    Battlegrounds: The Lost Community of Fazendeville (Documentary)
Founded in 1867, when the last house was bulldozed in 1966 all that remained of this emancipated community were its former resident’s memories. Why was it doomed? Because it sat in the center of the field where the Battle of New Orleans was fought in 1815. 
WLAE Productions                         Running Time: 55:00
Awards: New Orleans Press Club - Best Documentary, Telly Award- Silver Winner Long Form Documentary. Followed by a Q&A with Woody Keim
8:30-10:00   Panel: Barry Coffing: Moment of Truth: How to Write Music for Film and TV
with Eric Cager
Barry Coffing is a Music Business Entrepreneur. He has been an artist (WB Records), a songwriter, composer, producer, engineer, music supervisor, and label owner (Sony RED distribution). His music publishing is at Universal Music Group. 
Eric Cager is the Director of the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference celebrating 31st year in 2023. He is also a teacher of Music Business at Delgado Community College in New Orleans.
10:30 to close Musical Performances:
Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor and The Listening Room All-Stars that include Owen Scott, Kelton ‘Nspire Harper and comedian Eddie “Cool” Deemer

Saturday, Dec. 9      3pm to midnight        Listening Room
3:00- 3:10    Doors Open and Opening Remarks
3:15-5:00    Panel: Barry Coffing: Music Licensing, How to Writing Music on an Indie Budget with Eric Cager
5:15-6:45     Made in Louisiana: Part II
Game Party Squad: Part 2-Godric Johnson (Comedy) ***   
A collections of shorts featuring characters from the Game Party Squad Universe.
Jetstreame Productions                    Running Time: 15:33
The Poet-Martin Louper (Horror) ***
Hue Prometheus is a popular poet but while performing he is confronted with a past relationship that will drastically change his life.
Fresh Wave Media Solutions                    Running Time: 16:44
Fear of Change-Kelton ‘Nspire Harper (Comedy)    
An episode from ‘Nspire’s Be A Blessing Show”encourages positive change in comedic way.  
Pushback Productions                        Running Time: 28:30
Followed by a Q&A with Godric Johnson, Martin Louper and Kelton Harper
7:00-8:15    The Chamber Room-Natalie Spencer (Dramedy) ***
A grandmother tries convince her grandson the importance of voting with the help of some historical African American leaders.
Acts 1:8 Productions                         Running Time: 49:00 
Followed by a Q&A with Natalie Spencer
8:30-9:30    Panel: Teasers and Trailers for Films 
Martin Louper, Michele Barnes, Godric Johnson, Rita Rushing-Jones, Christopher Smith 
Trailers: Erie Planet Live, Baby, Swing 46, Séance Games-Metaxu, Devine:We Collide, Silly Women, Do-Over, The Librarian, Mirrorty, The Lost Son, The Making of the Carnell Knighten Story
Martin Louper is a filmmaker, videographer, photographer and editor for Fresh Wave Media Solutions. His short “The Poet” debuts at the festival. 
Filmmaker Michele Barnes is a filmmaker the owner of Rebirth Shield Film Productions.
Godric Johnson is a filmmaker and gamer developer. His Game Part Squad, Pt. 2 debuts at the festival. 
Rita Rushing-Jones is a playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker. Her first full-length feature film “Silly Women” is set to debut next year. 
Christopher Smith is a producer and performer. His film “The Lost Son” is premiering on December 15.
9:45-10:15    Louisiana Musicians Videos
New Orleans (Kenny Neal), House of the Rising Sun (Lilli Lewis), Da’ Thrill Is Gone From Here (Chris Thomas King), Here (Joy Clark), The Big Easy (Ben E. Hunter), La Muchacha (Carlo Ditta), It’s Time for Another One (Mz. Pat-the Lady of Soul), I Might Just Let You Go (Henry Turner Jr.), The Desert (Louisiana Claude)
10:30 to close Musical Performances:
Smaggy (Mississippi), Pastor Leon Hitchens, Henry Turner Jr. and the Listening Room All-Stars        

Sunday, Dec. 10    2pm-9pm                Goodwood Library
2:00-2:30pm    Doors Open
Substance and Subtitles-International Films
2:35-3:00    The Librarian-Serkan Aktash (Dramedy) Turkey
A fired librarian seeking employment discovers how social environment affects his life and inner world consciousness.
Writer/Producer/Director Serkan Aktas            Running Time: 20:43 
96 awards at multiple international film festivals 
3:00-3:30    Exchange - Barzan Rostami (Drama) Iran 
This story is about people’s irresponsibility in some critical situations that compel to do anything unusual to save their lives. 
The Seventh City of Iran Art                    Running Time: 23:00
3:45-5:15    Do-Over- Sharvi (Drama) India  
This motivational movie is about an alcoholic who loses his family, job and friends. Finally facing his addiction he struggles to becomes sober, making a Do Over to save his life and regain his reputation. 
Producer/Writer Sharvi                    Running Time: 83:00
Multiple award winner at over 100 film festivals world-wide
5:20-6:10    Listening Room and Festival Alumna: Part I
Performers who have played at the Listening Room and at some of the various festivals the museum foundation produces. 

Holiday Spirit 
6:00-7:30    The Hood Caroler- Jay Horn (Comedy)
Jay Horn Films/Big Dawg Productions   Running Time: 3:25
Santa’s Letters-Emmett Loverde (Comedy)    
A 10 year old boy writes Santa not to come this, so Santa decides to find out why. 
Emmet Loverde Sound and Pictures  Running Time: 82:00 
Outside: Musical Performances-Beginning at 3:00pm
Kasey Ball, Deewoocy, Susie Shepherd, Ervin “Maestro” Foster, , Lanford Ten Christmas Band,Kelton ‘Nspire Harper, Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor, Eddie “Cool” Deemer. Neebee Soul. 

Friday, Dec. 15    3pm-midnight 

Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room
3:00-3:15  Doors Open and Opening Remarks
3:30-4:30  Presentation: Making Films in Louisiana with Tax Credits
Speaker: Christopher J. Stelly, Executive Group Director, Louisiana Entertainment, a Division of LED
4:45-5:45    Fantasy and Animation Shorts and Videos
Follow Me (Eddie Boxxer), Don’t Look Away (Derek Woods
Band), The Day We Visited Earth (David Davis), Cosmic Storm (Nisha Catron), Don’t Stop Believing (Nick Savides), Distraction (Smaggy),Tomorrow Ain’t Promised (Children of Indigo), Sky Horses (Tim Ambler)**** Followed by a Q&A - David Davis, Nick Savides
6:00-7:30   Panel -Racism, Violence, Drugs and Faith – Social Issues 
Panelists: Jessi Campo, Henry Turner Jr. Flex3r, Krazy D, Thomas Kates
Shorts and Videos-Confluence:A Meditation in Documentary Form, Put Down the Guns (Krazy D), Little Mo’ Love (Stevie J) In the Name of Peace (Flex3r), Like That (Mythodical Joe), Bad Batch (Eric McFadden), Will I Do the Right Thang (Henry Turner Jr.)***, Days Like This (Chris Christ Child)
Jessi Campo is a bi-lingual singer/songwriter, performer and owner of Synca Musica.
Henry Turner Jr. is the founder of the Listening Room Film Festival, a musical entrepreneur, producer and social activist.
Flex3r is a Baton Rouge Congolese-American recording artist specializing in Hip-Hop, Afrobeat and pop music. 
Krazy D is a rap artist and activist from Bogalusa.
Thomas Kates, also known as Shadow Man, is a radio personality, promoter and manger.   
7:45- 8:30    Panel- The A.I.  Movement with Ken Bloxson, Martin Louper, Godric Johnson, VHS Celebs-Believe and Sixtyhertz and  Linda Mckenzie
My Scene TV, Missing (Linda Mckenzie)
Ken Bloxson of “My Scene TV” is an experienced media content producer
and videographer/editor of both on-air and online content. 
Martin Louper is a filmmaker, videographer, photographer and editor for Fresh Wave Media Solutions. His short “The Poet” debuted at the festival.
Godric Johnson is a filmmaker and gamer developer. His Game Part Squad, Pt. 2 debuted at the festival. 
Believe and Sixtyhertz  (VHS Celebs) are musicians, performers and filmmakers.
Linda McKenzie is a singer/songwriter and music video producer. 
8:45-10:00 Made in Louisiana Part III
Divine Intervention: We Collide (Episode I)-Donna Butler (Drama/SciFi)***
What happens when two away slaves from the 1800’s collide into a black college campus in 2020? Divine Intervention>
Out of the Triangle Productions            Running Time: 45:00
Followed by a Q&A with Donna Butler
10:15 to close Musical Performances 
VHS Celebs (Atlanta), Linda McKenzie with Steve Upfold (Nashville), Steve Upfold, Sir AP, Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor, Listening Room All-Stars

Saturday, Dec. 16     2pm-8pm            River Center Library
2:00 -2:05       Doors Open and Opening Remarks    
Films That Make You Think
2:10-3:45    The Night of Prayers-James Linden Hogg   (Drama) 
A short film loosely based on the Cuban Revolution of 1958
Director/Writer/Producer James Linden Hogg         

Running Time: 7:37
Winner: Cane River Film Festival
El Sueno (The Dream Act)-Bryan Thompson and Humberto Castro (Drama)    
Crossing the US/Mexico border two children are orphaned when their parents are murdered. The must navigate deadly obstacles and temptations as they strive to remain eligible for a propose law that would give them citizenship. 
Imani Films                               Running Time: 89:00
Best Feature Film - Festival de Cine Latinoamericano 2018
Featuring music by Jessi Campo
Mystery, Mayhem and Music
4:00-6:00    Mirrorty-Serkan Aktash (Supernatural)     
An modern day version of Through The Looking Glass
Writer/Producer/Director Serkan Aktas             Running Time: 10:58
Séance Games-Metaxu-Tane McClure (Horror/Thriller)***    
Social media stars unite to play Metaxu, an online séance game, only to find they have unleashed the Gates of Hell.
Darlin’ Rose Productions, McClure Films, Ascalon Films     Running Time: 85:00
Multiple award winner at over six film festivals world-wide
Followed by a Q&A –Tane McClure, Nisha Catron
6:15-7:30    American Bluesman Kenny Neal  (Documentary)***
Baton Rouge’s Grammy nominated bluesman discusses his family, life and career
Booga Music, Inc.                         Running Time: 17:34
Followed by a Q&A – Kenny Neal, Josi Neal and family
Outside Musical Performances-Beginning at 3:00pm
Flex3R, Linda Mckenzie, with Steve Upfold (Nashville), Louisiana Claude, Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor, Jessi Campo (Miami), Eddie “Cool” Deemer, Princess Teha, Pastor Leon,Neebee Soul
Sunday, Dec, 17    3pm-9pm            Listening Room
3:00-3:05pm    Doors Open and Opening Remarks
3:10-3:30     Listening Room and Festival Alumna and Friends: Part II
Night Drive (VHS Celebs)**Lock Me Out (Senobia), Into the Wild (Two Crows), Shine On (Weep), Forever or What Ever (Ione Angeles), Ain’t Gonna Do Right (Neebee Soul) 
3:30-5:00    Panel - Marriage, Romance, Heartbreak and Abuse – Women’s Issues
Panelists: Gisele Haralson, Michele Barnes, Rita Rushing-Jones, Theresa Perkins, Thea Arnold, Janna Bossier
Shorts and Music Videos:
Shorts: Good Business Sense-Emmet Loverde (Comedy)
A yuppie makes the boardroom presentation of this life. Marriage to his equally industrious partner, only to find she wants romance instead. 
Emmet Loverde Sound and Pictures    Running Time: 21.00
6 award win at national film festivals
The Tia’s-Grace Fraga and Stephanie Tejada (Comedy)
Cousins Consuelo and Marisa start their lives over after their husbands leave them.
Funny Latinas Productions                    Running Time: 10:00
Music Videos: Open Letter (Mythodical Joe), What’s on Your Mind (Stevie J. Blues),   
Break My Soul (Carriesa), Dying in the Basement (Oya Obinidodo), Missing (Linda Mckenzie)
Gisele Haralson is a documentary film director/producer, radio personality, screenwriter, activist and founder of Follow Dreams Productions.
Filmmaker Michele Barnes is a filmmaker and the owner of Rebirth Shield Film Productions.
Theresa Perkins is president and CEO of Exposure Spotlight Magazine. She is also a journalist and podcaster. 
Jenna Bossier stars in “Good Business Sense.” She is an actress from Baton Rouge currently residing in Los Angeles.
Thea Arnold is a director and rapper for Holy Death Records. 
5:15-6:30    Music and The Club Scene 
Baby- I. Cagri Aygun (Turkey-subtitled)
Cagri, a Turkish musician embarks on a journey to gather valuable information on guitar making. He listens to master craftsmen who make instruments rivaling their American counterparts. 
Videokoop                            Running Time: 30:00
Erie Planet Live **-John “The Bossman” Hall
It’s tough running a night club. Ain’t it!                         Running Time: 26:10
Swing 46:The Last Swingin’ Supper Club-Jay Kay
A love letter to a special club, community and music of a bygone era.
A Strange Man in Strange Land Production

 Running Time: 17:00
6:45-7:15    Musical Performances 
Nisha Catron (San Diego), Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor, Listening Room All-Stars
7:30-9:00    Closing Party and Dancing the Night Away Videos
Welcome to the Party (Terri Lynn), Come Here Party (Stevie J. Blues), Happy (JP Vance), I Want to TaTa You Baby Emry Thomas with Johnny Guitar Watson and Vic Frierson), Stilettoes & Jeans (Sharnette Hyter), Slide, Jump and Bounce (Krazy D), On Down the Road (Few Miles South), Big Mistake (VHS Celebs), Open Letter (Mythodical Joe), Coco Jelly (Aqua Cherry), Dancin’ On the Lawn (Eli Lev) 
*Subject to Change
** World Premiere
*** Baton Rouge Debut
****United States Premiere


3rd Quarter Monthly Film Series.

Saturday, October 28 - “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-The Rock and Roll Musical.”    
This multi-award winning musical stars Alan Bernhoft in the lead role with an appearance by famed drummer Hal Blaine. Quotable quotes include, “…one part “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” two parts the Who’s “Tommy,” and a dash of…”Cannibal:The Musical” and “…recalls classic horror films, while at the same time paying homage to the twilight years of the Hollywood musical.” The 95 minute feature was produced by Alan Bernhoft and Andre Champagne. Directed by Andre Champagne with Original Music by Alan Bernhoft. 


November 18 - Compilations

of music videos by Louisiana based performers. Some of the videos were featured at the 1st Annual Listening Room Film Festival and on the “Henry’s Listening Room” television show. Performers include Ben E. Hunter, Kenny Neal, Chris Thomas King, Lilli Lewis and Joy Clark.                                          Saturday, December 23 is “Rock and Roll Chop Shop,” a television pilot that focuses on a group of musicians who refurbish and create new instruments from discarded and used equipment. It has been described as in the tradition of “American Chopper,” “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers,” with a musical groove. It was Executive Produced by Marcia Groff.  

Each film will be followed by an acoustic performance by Henry Turner Jr. 

Friday,  December 8 and 15, Saturday, December 9 from 3pm to midnight and Sunday December 17, 3pm to 9pm, at Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room
2733 North Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. 
Free to the public, Sunday, December 10, 2-9pm, Main Library, 7711 Goodwood Boulevard, Baton Rouge, 70806 and Saturday, December 16, 2-8pm River Center Library, 250 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA. 70802

The films will be followed by Q and A’s. Industry panels with professionals and executives are also a part of the presentations, along with musical performances. Multiple venues will be used for the screenings. Please check the website for exact locations.  

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