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Listening Room Film Festival

2022 Film Festival Schedule    *All times approximate, subject to change            
Saturday, December 3:     11:00am to 11:00pm
11:30am-12:00pm Welcome by Marcia Groff and Henry Turner Jr to the Listening Room Film Festival and what it’s all about. 
12:30pm-1:00pm Henry Turner Jr. Retrospective music videos- That’s My Saints,” “I’m So Hot,” “I Love My Soul Food, ” “Limbo”
1:30pm-2:30pm Henry Turner Jr. explain how the Listening Room was founded
            “Henry’s Listening Room” TV show - Blues Camp II
3:00pm-5:00pm  Reception and Opening Party with Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor
5:00pm-6:00pm  Entertainment and Music Panel introduction by Eric Cager to Chris Stelly and other 6:15-representative/s from the Louisiana Department of Commerce to discuss Film Tax Credits followed by a Q&A 

6:15-7:15 TBA

7:00pm-8:30pm     Industry in Louisiana – Shorts
           “Carol of Harvest- Rural Life Museum” – Nick Savides      
           Chafukta Brewery – Nick Savides                
           “Life Is a Choice”  – Chuck Bush
            “Mickey Gadios/BMX Rider” – Nick Savides          
           “Game Party Squad” – Godric Johnson                    
            “Mid City Flats: Building a  Community in Baton Rouge”  - Nick Savides               
           Child Development Institute Presents  “Creative Expressions” – Gisele Haralson                    
           Q&A with Chuck Bush, Godric Johnson, Gisele Haralson
9:00pm-10:00pm    “Jessi Campo Live at the Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival” – Fresh Wave Media Solutions       Sunday, December 4:     11:00am to 1:00pm
11:00am-5pm Women in Film Moderator: Marcia Groff, hosted by Gisele Haralson and Summer Selby with Greer Mendy Goff and Arlene Russell
11:45 Gisele Haralson shorts – Child Development Institute Presents  "Creative Expressions” Short

 “Who Said You Can’t: African American Women in Science” Trailer
12:00-12:30 Q&A with panel 
12:45-1:45 The Life of Dr. Thomas Freeman (Documentary)    
2:00-2:30    Q&A With panel and filmmaker Arlene Russell 
2:45-3:45    “Black Dance in Louisiana-Guardian of Culture” (Documentary)
4:00-4:30    Q&A with panel and filmmaker Greer Mendy Goff
5:00-6:30pm”One Note at a Time” – Renee Edwards (Documentary)            
7:00pm-8:30pm Women in Music Videos: Featuring Off Beat Magazine’s Album of the Year Award winner for “Americana” Lillie Lewis and Joy Clark, Ione Sky, Nuki Miller 
9:00-10:45 “Telephone Book” - Dewey Allen (Crime/Comedy)             
Monday, December 5:     3:00pm -11:00pm                        
3:00pm-Black Exploitation Films  
3:15-5:15 “My Side Piece” (Drama) – Dewey Allen               
5:30-7:15pm “The Telephone Book” (Comedy) – Dewey Allen
7:30-8:30pm Southern Soul Music Videos
8:45pm-9:45pm Panel discussion hosted by Tawanna Lewis, Mz. Pat, Deewoocy
10:00-10:30pm Performances by Tawanna Lewis, Mz. Pat-The Lady of Soul, 
and Deewoocy 
Tuesday, December 6:     3:00pm to 11:00pm
3:00-5:15pm “The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals" Leon Russell     (Baton Rouge Debut) - Jeffrey Haas
5:30-6:30 Music Videos: Ben E. Hunter, Carlo Ditta, Willem and Dakota, Chris Thomas King, Kenny Neal
7:00-9:00pm Live Wire Music TV Show hosted by Bob Sanchez
9:30-11:00pm Live Acoustic Music Showcases with Henry Turner Jr., Wayne Vicks and Kevin White
Wednesday, December 7: 3:00pm -11:00pm
3:00pm-4:30pm My Scene TV Episodes 
   Sizzle Reel                         
   “My Scene TV-Episode IIII”                         
   “My Scene TV-Episode – Good, Fun & Music”             
   Q&A with Godric Johnson, Kent Bloxson founder
4:45-6:45pm- Fresh Wave Media Solutions
   “The Art of” (Trailer)                                

      “Believer’s Talk” Dr. J and Fejay                    
       “A Soft Place to Fall”- Hosted Kerwin Fealing about Gospel Artist Melvin Williams                            
        Q&A with Martin Louper, AJ Spurlock, Joshua Moore
7:00pm-9:00pm How to get your films shown on TV with Ken Bloxson (My Scene TV), Chris Blades ( Ch. 9), Charles Bush, Henry Turner Jr., Brian McCollister (WLFT), Sarah McKee Pipair (Ch. 2), Martin Louper, A J Spurlock, Joshua Moore (Fresh Wave Media Solutions), Kelton Harper 
9:15pm-11:00pm     “King of the Game” (Drama) – Dewey Allen 
Thursday, December 8: 3:00pm-11:00pm
3:30pm-5:30pm “Raining in My Heart – A Blues Mosaic” and        
“Music Dreams-An American Story” 
Q&A with Mustang Films – Charles Bush
6:00pm-7:00pm “Raining in My Heart – Back to the Blues”
7:30-8:30 Listening Room All-Stars Kelton Harper and Owen Scott    - Live Music
8:45-10:45pm "Rock and Roll Chop Shop"      
Friday, December 9:  3:00pm-11:00pm                    
3:00pm-4:30pm    Michelle Barnes and Rebirth Film Shield Productions
“We’re Going Down to the Mardi Gras: The Making of Henry Turner Jr.’s 
Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival (Documentary) 
“Glory Birds” (Documentary Short)  
“Heart Soul and Passion: An Interview with Singer/Songwriter and Musician Larry “LZ” Dillon  (Episode 1) 
“Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor: 
Live in New Orleans at Tipitina’s” (Music Video)          
“Turner’s Listening Room” (Music Video)                   
“There’s Something About Henry: The Life and Times of Henry Turner Jr.” (Documentary)     
  “Can You Hear the Music: The Life and Unveiling Story
Of Legendary Carnell Knighten” (Trailer)    
Q&A with Michele Barnes       
5:00pm-6:00pm    Entertainment Panel: Building publicity strategies and tips for marketing. Hosts Marcia Groff and Hedi Butler and John Wirt
6:30-7:00pm “Soundies-Stereotypes in Hollywood”- 
          James Forsher (Documentary)                        
       “Five Miles from Alice Springs”-Ray Rivamonte (music video)     
7:15-7:45 Henry Turner Jr. & The Listening Room All-Stars     
8:00pm-9:30pm   Short Films-“Love Stories and Other Things”
   “Mama’s Boy”    Sandra Tilley
   “7 Buttons”        David Stormy Leonard                    
   “The Deployment”  Nick Savides                      
   “My Best Side”     Andre Champagne (music video)         
   “Mixed Signals”  Nick Savides    
   “A Voice on the Phone” Fresh Wave Media Solutions
   “The Aftermath”- Nicole Collins
   “Crown” – Nicole Collins                
   Q&A with Sandra Tilly, Stormy Leonard, Martin Louper
10:00pm-11:00pm     The Listening Room All-Stars Kelton ‘Nspire Harper, Eddie Cool, Kevin White, Southern Magnolia, Susie Shepherd - Live Music
Saturday, December 10: 11:00am to 11:00pm
11:00am-1:00pm    Ted Baldwin - 3rd Coast Digital Films 
   “King of the Strippers”    (Urban Comedy)
   Q&A with Ted Baldwin
1:30-2:30 “‘Nspire’s Be A Blessing” TV Show
   Q&A Kelton Harper and Reggie Joseph Jr.                     
3:00pm-5:30pm    TV Panel: How to Get Your Music in Films and on Television with Barry Coffing -  
Songwriting For Film & TV: "How to write Songs that Get Placed" (Barry has licensed 200 of his own songs in films & TV)
Live Music Pitch "Moment of Truth" (1 minute - 1 song - 1 chance) (more)
6:00pm-8:00pm    “Roots of Fire” – Cajun Music Film (Documentary)     (Baton Rouge Debut)   
          Q&A with Jeremey Lavoi and Abby Berednt Lavoi
8:30pm-10:30pm    “Gutter Punks” – Ted Baldwin    (Documentary)            
Sunday, December 11: 11:00am to 11:00pm
11:00am-12:30pm    Barry Coffing and Eric Cager
Music Licensing for Film, TV and New Media: "How To Get Epic Music with an Indie Budget"
1:00pm-2:00pm    “Still Rockin” The Story of Bill Haley and His Comets (Documentary) 
           Bertie Higgins producer, Julian Higgins director    (Baton Rouge Debut)
2:30pm-5:30pm     “Henry’s Listening Room”  Episode from TV show
Q&A    Henry Turner Jr., Marcia Groff, Godric Johnson, Martin Louper 
6:00pm-8:30pm    Blues and Music Films – 
“We Lived the Blues” - SmokeHouse Porter, Miss Mamie – Producer/Director - Evan Kidd                  
Q&A with SmokeHouse Porter and Miss Mamie
Additional interviews by Johnny Palazzotto  Alvin Baptiste, E Rodney Jones, Henry Grey, Tabby Thomas, John Fred, Raful Neal 
9:00pm-11:00pm    Closing Party – Eric Cager, Barry Coffing, Henry Turner Jr. & the Listening Room All-Stars

Speakers Bios (in order of appearance)
Eric Cager is the Director of the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference celebrating 31st years in 2023. He is also a teacher of Music Business at Delgado Community College in New Orleans.
Chris Stelly is the Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment, a Division of Louisiana Economic Development that oversees creative development in the state.
Chuck Bush is the owner of Audacious FX a full service production company located in Baton Rouge. He is also filmmaker and author. 
Godric Johnson is a filmmaker and gamer developer.

Gisele Haralson is a documentary film director/producer, radio personality, screenwriter, activist and founder of Follow Dreams Productions.
Summer Selby is a television film and voice over actress currently appearing in “The Resident.” 

Tawanna Louis is a Southern Soul singer/songwriter.
Mz. Pat-The Lady of Soul is a Southern Soul singer/songwriter.
Dewoocy is a singer/songwriter and producer.

Bob Sanchez is the owner of Live Music, a music store in Baton Rouge and host of the Live Wire podcast. 

Kent Bloxson of My Scene TV is an experienced media content producer
and videographer/editor of both on-air and online content. 
Fresh Wave Media Solutions is a multi-media production company. It was founded in 2005 by A J Spurlock. Martin Louper is a photographer, videographer and editor. Joshua Moore is its Media Consultant. 
Chris Blades is the Digital Sales representative for WAFB, Ch. 2 in Baton Rouge. 
Sara McKee Pipair is the Account Executive for WRBZ TV, Ch. 2. 
Charles Bush is the owner of Bush films that produces music and entertainment driven documentaries. His work has been broadcast on LPB and WLAE in New Orleans. 
Brian McAllister was the Master Control operator for WLFT-TV. Dr. Lucas Fry is the owner of the Louisiana Film Channel and former owner of WLFT-TV in Baton Rouge.

Michele Barnes is the owner of Rebirth Shield Film Productions. 

Marcia Groff is a publicist and producer. She has worked on television programs for PBS, Discovery Channel and A&E. 
Hedi Butler is an author, journalist and former editor of Black Radio Exclusive 

Ted Baldwin’s Third Coast Films is a creative video production agency focusing on commercials, short and long-form web content, music videos and feature films.
Barry Coffing is a Music Business Entrepreneur. He has been an artist (WB Records), a songwriter, composer, producer, engineer, music supervisor, and label owner (Sony RED distribution). His music publishing is at Universal Music Group. 
SmokeHouse Porter and Miss Mamie are considered the King and Queen of the Gut Bucket Blues and stars of “We Lived the Blues.”

Saturday, Dec. 3 –
“Blues Camp II” An episode from “Henry’s Listening Room” television show about teaching people the structure of blues music. Produced by Turner Film Studios, featuring Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor  Running Time: 48:00 (2022)
Shorts -
“Carol of Harvest” – Nick Savides
Harvest Day at LSU Rural Life Museum set to the poetry of Walt Whitman
“Chafukta Brewery”  – Nick Savides
“Life Is a Choice”  – Chuck Bush
An unexpected event at an abortion clinic
“Mickey Gadios/BMX Rider” – Nick Savides
Mickey Gaidos is a competitive BMX biker in New Orleans. Some of the tricks he helped develop are now performed around the country. This visual-effects enhanced video showcases some of those tricks that he performed in New Orleans City Park.
“Game Party Squad” – Godric Johnson
Gaming industry
“Mid City Flats: A Community Celebration”     - Nick Savides
A different kind of community in Baton Rouge. Here’s what makes it special 
Child Development Institute Presents                    
“Creative Expressions” – Gisele Haralson
What the institution does to help children
“Who Said You Can’t: African American Women in Science” – Gisele Haralson
Trailer from an upcoming documentary about women in Louisiana
Jessi Campo Live at the Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival
Jessi Campo is an international singer/songwriter and recording artist. Catch her multi-language performer from the Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival. Fresh Wave Media Solutions, producer Martin Louper Running Time: 45:21 (2021)

Sunday, Dec. 4 -
“The Life of Dr. Thomas Freeman” Documentary 
Dr. Thomas Freeman was born in 1919. He was a Preacher, and a “World Famous Debate Coach” at Texas Southern University. Dr. Freeman is well known for mentoring Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, Congressman Mickey Leland and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When Dr. Freeman was not teaching his debate students, he was preaching a sermon at Mount Horem Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Running time: 53:56:00 (2019) 
Arlene Russell- Director, Michael Harris-Producer, Bridget Harris- Producer, Darlene Bell-Associate Producer, Cynthia Savoie-Lead Actress, Donald Gary-Actor, Pastor Peter Martin-Actor, Pastor James Glenn-Casting Director, Oliver Forward-Writer, Dr. Gloria Baptiste- Consultant, Music, Gregory Williams- Associate Producer, Veronica Harrison - Music Producer
Daria Savannah -Music Producer 
Festival Awards:
WRPN Women's International Film Festival Exceptional Merit Art, Film Spirt Award Nominee Toronto Film Magazine 

“Black Dance in Louisiana - Guardian of A Culture” (Documentary)
The film documents Louisiana's Black dance traditions. The work is comprised of the choreographic expressions and archival images that tell the stories of, their movements and music, history and environments, spiritual, secular and resistance processes, and importantly celebration. Through the dance, music and imagery the film transports us to four distinct regions,
Franklin Parish, Southwest Louisiana, East Baton Rouge and Orleans Parishes, where our imaginations, emotions and energies ignite.
Greer E. Mendy, Producer, Najaa Young, Associate Producer and Editor, 
Production Company Tekrema Center for Cultural Literacy
Running Time: 45:00 (2021)

“One Note at a Time” (Documentary)
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, music can save the soul of the city, but can the musicians save themselves? “If the musicians ain’t got a chance to live, then what chance has the music got?” Dr John.
Dr. John, Ben Jaffe, ‘Uncle’ Lionel Batiste, Kermit Ruffins, Damion Neville, Charmaine Neville, Al ‘Carnival Time ‘ Johnson, Ellis Marsalis, Barry Martyn, Herman ‘Roscoe’ Ernest III,  
Wardell Quezergue, Walter Payton Jr., Brian Quezergue, Irma Thomas, Shelton ‘Shakespear’ Alexander, Clarke Peters, Donald Harrison, Jr., Delfeao Marsalis, Johann Bultman, Bethany Bultman Produced, Directed and Edited by Renee Edwards, Co-Produced and researched by Claire Reynolds, Executive Producers- Paul Woolwich, Craig McCall, Sara Giles, Cinematography– Chad Owen, Andy Schonfelder, Camera – Leon Lockley, Additional Cameras - Mark W Gray, David Langan, Douglas Bruce, John Gunner, Vincent Escudero, Garret Kilgore, Composer – Ray Russell, Music Supervisor – Stef Patch, Additional Sound Recordist – Walter Thornhill   Sound Editor – Paul Mallett, Re-recording Mixer – Jez Spencer,  Post Production Supervisor – Christopher Stott, Director’s Assistant and Post Production Assistant – Jack Poston
Running Time: 95 minutes (2017)

 “Telephone Book: The Movie” (Action/Comedy)
Different circumstances force the Allen Brothers and millionaire race car champion Grill to work together delivering Telephone Books. A simple job? Wrong! Everything that could possibly go wrong probably will. Wanted by the police these idiots find it difficult to collect a paycheck.
Starring Dewey Allen, Mando Allen, Alan (MTF) Wooley, Director Dewey Allen, Writers Dewey Allen and Mando Allen 
Running Time: 1:46:00 (2011)

Monday, Dec. 5 –
“My Side Piece” (Drama) 
Susan, struggling to cope in her new marriage to police officer Mike, is missing the luxurious lifestyle provided by her ex-husband and successful attorney Dillard. His riches, however, are soon challenged as he becomes the target of scam artist Charles Brown. Meanwhile, the bond of two best friends from childhood is threatened by challenges faced within their social club, pressures from work, and temptations. Starring Mando Allen, Pokey Bear, Messie Cee, Director Dewey Allan, Writers Dewey Allen, Terrie Todd, Running Time:1:46:00 (2016)
Southern Soul Music Videos – hosted by Tawanna Louis and Mz. Pat- The Lady of Soul

Tuesday, Dec. 6 -
“Out of the Deep Freeze- The Lost Reels” The Best of the Leon Russell Festivals (Music Documentary) Rarely screen archival concert footage from Leon Russell’s performances .Producers Jeffrey Haas and Alan Pacella, Director Robert Stone Jordan, Deep Freeze Films
Running Time: 1:27:00 (2017)
Live Wire Music TV Show hosted by Bob Sanchez 

Wednesday, Dec. 7 –
“My Scene TV” Episodes from the icon Baton Rouge television show 
Sizzle Reel, “My Scene TV-Episode IIII,” “My Scene TV-Episode – Good, Fun & Music”     
My Scene TV, producer Kent Bloxton
“The Art of” (Trailer)    - Series the explores art, artists and their creations
Believer’s Talk” Dr. J and Fejay – Inspirational talk show about worship                
“A Soft Place to Fall”- Inspirational talk show hosted by Kerwin Fealing about international 
Gospel Artist Melvin Williams
Fresh Wave Media Solution, Producer Martin Louper (2022)                    
“King of the Game”        Dewey Allen                     
The hero is trying to make right and exit from the crime game. He ends up sinking deeper into the life, and is marked for murder by the boss. Writers Dewey Allen, Mando Allen, Starring Courtney A’Kimmi, Dewey Allen and Mando Allen Running Time: 1:42:00 (2014)

Thursday, Dec. 8 –
“Raining in My Heart – A Blues Mosaic” Documentary about the blues music scene in Baton Rouge in the early 1980’s. Co-producer, Co-director, Cinematographer Charles Bush (1985)     
“Music Dreams-An American Story” Documentary about blues musician Henry Turner Jr. Producer, Director and Videographer Charles Bush (2019)                        
“Raining in My Heart – Back to the Blues” Follow up Documentary to “…A Blues Mosaic” Charles Bush 

Friday, Dec. 9 –
Michelle Barnes and Rebirth Shield Film Productions
“We’re Going Down to the Mardi Gras: The Making of Henry Turner Jr.’s 
Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival (Documentary)     (2021)
How a young boys dream became a reality
“Glory Birds” (Documentary Short)     (2015)
A pre-teen girl trains birds for special events and takes on a dangerous arachnid              
“Heart Soul and Passion: An Interview with Singer/Songwriter and Musician Larry “LZ” Dillon Show-(Episode 1) 
Katrina survivor discusses his family loss and performs his original songs (2021)
“Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor: Live in New Orleans at Tipitina’s” (Music Video)
The band performs “Love Me or Leave Me”     (2015)              
“Turner’s Listening Room” – Opening Night at The Belle of Baton Rouge (Music Video) (2021)      
“There’s Something About Henry” The Life and Times of Henry Turner Jr.” (Documentary)
Performance clips of the musician and his musical journey (2014)    
“Can You Hear the Music: The Life and Unveiling Story Of Legendary Carnell Knighten” (Trailer) Explores the legacy of the renowned band leader and instructor    (2014)            
“Soundies-Stereotypes in Hollywood”- James Forsher (Documentary)    
“Alabamy Bound,” Jackie Green Five Spirits of Rhythm, “V for Victory,” Recruiting Station (Silent film), “Knit One Purl 2,” Ronnie Kemper and the Sports Men. Presentation of music film shorts from the 1930’s and 1940’s
“Five Miles from Alice Springs”-Ray Rivamonte (music video)    
Inside look at Aboriginal life in Australia in 1975                 
Short Films-“Love Stories and Other Things”
“Mama’s Boy”    Sandra Tilley    (2020)
A young man chooses to an unorthodox way to escape the clutches of his assertive mother.
“7 Buttons”        Stormy Leonard    (2017)
In an alternate reality where true love still exists, can two young lovers take a chance on something new with each other? Will our hero win the heart of his true love?
“The Deployment”  Nick Savides    
Jim’s upcoming deployment tests the strength of his relationships. (2014)
“My Best Side”     Andre Champagne (music video)
A dark, minor chord R&B song celebrating the perfect imperfection of the
rough hewn self    Starring Pie Smith (2020)         
“A Voice on the Phone” Fresh Wave Media Solutions     (2021)        
Suspense short film about a robbery that happens through a voice on the phone.

Saturday, Dec. 10: 
“King of the Strippers”    (Urban Comedy)    
A thug decides to quit bangin’ and gets in deeper. Ted Baldwin Co-owner, co-creator, director, editor, actor. Starring Dewey Allen, Mando Allen, Ted Baldwin Running Time: 1:20:00 (2012)
“Roots of Fire” – Cajun Music Film (Documentary)        
“If you’re not living your culture, you’re killing your culture.” 
In Roots of Fire, a group of musicians honor the rich history and cultural legacy of Cajun music. The genre's contemporary scene in Louisiana has found mainstream success with Grammy Award nominations and wins, but shuttering venues and aging fans leave some questioning the music’s longevity. Featuring electrifying performances, this vibrant documentary examines the intersection between music and preserving tradition for future generations.
Directors and Producer Jeremy Lavoie, Abby Berendt Lavoi, Sound producer Stephen Thorpe, Director of Photography Jeremy Lavoi, Editor Abby Berendt Lavoi, Key Cast: Wilson Savoy, Jourdan Thibodeaux, Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones, Kristi Guillory
Multi International Award winner     Running Time: 82 minutes (2022)
“Gutter Punks”    (Documentary)    
Street kids in 1997 New Orleans talk about their journey 
Ted Baldwin and Brent Sims, directing, producing, editing, Interviewing: Ted Baldwin
Executive Producer Ted Baldwin, 3rd Coast Digital Films. International award winning documentary ( 1998)
Sunday, Dec. 11: 

“Still Rockin’ – Bill Hailey and His Comets (Documentary)  (Baton Rouge Debut)
The birth of Rock and Roll featuring Bill Haley and The Saddlemen and their transformation 
into Bill Haley & His Comets as Rhythm & Blues (also known at the time as "Race music") 
merged with Country & Western, and even Swing music.  Bill Haley & His Comets successes 
accumulated, and led to the amazing breakthrough "Rock Around The Clock", causing an 
international sensation after it was released in MGM's movie "Blackboard Jungle" starring 
Glenn Ford, Sydney Poitier and Ann Francis.  The group's subsequent international touring 
power and influence is also revisited. Bertie Higgins-Producer, Julian Higgins-Director
Running Time: 57 minutes
“We Lived the Blues”  (Documentary) 
The King and Queen of the Gutbucket Blues, Smokehouse and Mamie Porter loose and rebuild their lives and home after the devastating 2016 flood in Baton Rouge. 
Evan Kidd-Director, Editor, Producer Rockset Productions Running Time: 15:00 (2018)

Johnny Palazotto Alvin Baptiste, E Rodney Jones, Henry Grey, Tabby Thomas, John Fred, Raful Neal.  

Festival Information

2nd Annual Listening Room Film Festival Friday and Saturday, December 8, 9, 15 and 16 from 3:00pm to midnight  Sunday, December 10 and 17 from 3:00pm to 9:00pm. 

The festival includes long form and short form narrative films, long and short form documentaries, music videos and retrospective works.


Full Festival Pass with access to all films, panels and parties         $50.00
One day Festival Pass                                                                                          $10.00
Film Block  Pass                                                                                                     $  5.00

LA ENT Logo Color.jpg

The Listening Room Film Festival was founded by music entrepreneur Henry Turner Jr. in 2022. 

It was established to give new and established filmmakers a place to screen their music and entertainment driven films in a comfortable environment. The focus of the festival is on musicians, actors, entertainers and people who were pioneers or influencers in the entertainment industry, as well as musicians who provided music for soundtracks. It also features show business panels with Louisiana based professionals and executives.

The festival will be both physical and virtual, featuring local and regional films from the southeast area. A retrospective component will include films that were produced by local filmmakers that are important to the continuance of Louisiana filmmaking and its history. 

The festival is held at Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room located at 2733 North Street,  Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802. Phone Is 225-802-9681.

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