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Mission Statement

The mission of Henry Turner Jr.’s Listening Room Museum Foundation is to preserve and promote the rich cultural legacy of music in South Louisiana; advance knowledge by offering education and instruction in the various facets of the entertainment industry and music business; foster and mentor talent by producing public events for the community.

Promoting Culture

We preserve and promote the music of South Louisiana by focusing on the Blues, R&B, and other Roots Music of the area. Through teaching, lecturing and demonstrating songwriting and storytelling techniques, we utilize music from Henry Turner Jr.'s prolific and multi-genre catalogue that spans more than thirty years. We also incorporate the compositions of other renowned musicians whose work has emanated from the area.

Henry Turner Jr. wears his sunglasses and a fedora and holds an acoustic guitar

Advancing Knowledge

We advance knowledge of the entertainment industry and music business by offering lectures and instructions on marketing, promotion, distribution, production, publishing, copywriting, trademarking, manufacturing and intellectual property. We educate and foster talent in the arts of songwriting, singing, film, graphic and fine arts, dance, photography, web design, computer technology and development, and radio and television.

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Fostering Talent

We foster and mentor talent in the arts by highlighting and showcasing original songs, films, art, dance and related materials, as well as by promoting and producing events, exhibitions, concerts, festivals for the community.

We prepare participants to succeed in their chosen artistic genres by studying history, discussing new trends and technologies, and opening their minds to conceive and explore new possibilities that can take their creations to worldwide distribution and beyond via emerging technologies.   

Lead Singer

Our Board

Henry Turner playing guitar

Henry Turner, Jr.

President and Founder

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Michele Barnes

Vice President


Marcia Groff

Secretary and Treasurer

Hedi wearing a modern outfit and jewlery

Hedi Butler

Board Member

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